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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 4:08 PM

Spontaneous interview time! This time we're chatting to :icontruesoprano:!

Before we get started, I apologize deeply for the deadness. Although nobody really complained so not really. I opened a new Monthly Feature Folder because if we're going to randomly attempt to revive the group, we might as well do it properly!
The rules still apply so read them before submitting.

SO MANRY by TrueSoprano Team Aqua Slut: Before and After by TrueSoprano Living under a shadow by TrueSoprano


How long have you been on dA and by extension, how long have you been foruming?

I've been on dA since 2005. I have 2 old accounts which I won't link here due to shame. I'd lurked and made a few posts since at least 2008 (on my old account), but I wasn't really considered a regular until around 2010.

How often do you make threads in Complaints?
Whenever things come up in my life that piss me off. Even if they're really stupid, I try to make them entertaining (and most of the time I fail, sorry...)

Do you hang out in any of the other dA forums?
Mainly Deviants and Music (OMG MUSIC SNOB), but I'll go wherever a thread title catches my interest.

What's one of your favourite threads or comments you've seen in Complaints?
Oh god... you guys have had so many golden moments, but two comments come to mind. First, there was a thread about how Hogwarts didn't have a special ed program, and `LOVEintheSNOW said "it's called Hufflepuff". Then, I have no idea what thread this came from, but ~TheGroovyMurphy said "come to Germany, we have doner" and then ~Happyjoy said "come to Israel, we have boner".

What's your favourite emote or PLZ?

Namedrop some of your forum friends!
I have this thing where I don't like namedropping people because I'm afraid of people feeling left out. No, this didn't come from me being left out a lot as a kid, what are you talking about?

MAATI FURIDOMAN MEGADESU by TrueSoprano Eff you eff you eff you eff you eff you eff you by TrueSoprano odlids by TrueSoprano


What's your main medium? So how long have you been working in your medium? Why do you like it?

Well, my main medium is my voice! But if we're talking about dA-related works, GIMP is what I use to color. I do my best lineart on paper with pencil, but I don't have a good scanner at the moment, so I never post it here. Most of the lineart you see in my works was done on dA Muro.

Who would you consider your inspirations?
I don't have any specific art-related inspirations, but I might as well talk about my inspirations in life. First of all, my mom. She is just the most encouraging woman ever who's always there for me. She'll always be the one person who appreciates everything I do. Second, I need to my choir director, Dr. T. (not saying his full name because then you'd all look up where I live and stalk me forever) He always seems to be happy, and he inspires me to really think about the things in life that I enjoy. In his words, he inspires me to "wake up and say 'today, I get to make music'". I hope everyone reading this takes the time to appreciate what they do that they love, whether it be music, art or something else.

What's your favourite piece from your gallery? Is it different from your most popular piece?
Right now, I'd have to say this one: why are you a gym leader if you hate battling? by TrueSoprano It's kind of simple, but there's nothing too obviously terrible about it and I had a lot of fun drawing it.

What's a piece you worked really hard on or are really proud of but didn't get the response you hoped for?
Just about everything in my gallery! But if I wanted to pick something specific, Until It Sleeps by TrueSoprano. I worked for an entire week on this and I really like the result. (inb4 "lol 90s metallica")

Are you open for commissions? Would you like to be?
If you want me to draw something for you, I MIGHT do it. Keep in mind that I'm a full-time student and might not ever get it done. I'll be more likely to get it done if some kind of payment is offered, but please don't pay me before I finish it, or else I'll just feel pressured.

forgive me by TrueSoprano HATERS GONNA HATE by TrueSoprano

Mature Content

no he's not wearing swimming trunks by TrueSoprano


Where'd your username come from?

I can sing really high and shit.

If you could go back five years and give your younger self some advice, what would it be?
Things get better. Some people aren't worth it. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, and don't be afraid to take risks.

~ ~

Thank you, TrueSoprano!

If someone wants to be interviewed or you want to recommend someone for an interview, send a note to :iconweludixon: with a short reason why you think you should be interviewed. Remember that only members with a level of Forum Whore and above will be accepted.

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